Functional chiropractic has a goal to get rid of pain, then find the underlying cause of the pain. Adjustments and mobilizations serve to help areas of stiffness. Soft tissue muscle work techniques are used to calm down tight or overactive muscles and rehab specific to your condition is used to assist in stabilization of hypermobile regions of the body. Here at CSJC, we use personalized rehabilitation to re-learn simple movements. To meet your health goals, treatment goes beyond the office by sending you home with rehab, nutrition, and self-treatments.

"I have been see­ing Dr. Yoder at Col­orado Spine & Joint Cen­ter for sev­eral months now for chronic neck/pain I’ve been expe­ri­enc­ing for years. I’ve seen many chi­ro­prac­tors to resolve these issues and am pleased with the atten­tion and ded­i­ca­tion Dr. Yoder showed when assess­ing my sit­u­a­tion and tai­lor­ing a treat­ment plan for me. He’s also empow­ered me with rehab exer­cises I can do at home to con­tinue my improve­ment. After a few ses­sions and a com­mit­ment to my treat­ment plan, my chronic issues aren’t so chronic anymore." 

- Melodi S. Chi­ro­prac­tic patient