Chi­ro­prac­tic adjust­ments for back pain, shoul­ders, neck pain, feet and more

Deliv­er­ing free­dom from aches and pains. Your local chi­ro­prac­tor for quick pain relief.

Col­orado Spine & Joint Cen­ter is a local chi­ro­prac­tic office spe­cial­iz­ing in func­tional chi­ro­prac­tic ther­apy ser­vices. Chances are, you’re here because you’re expe­ri­enc­ing some form of neck, shoul­der, knee or back pain and you’re ready to do some­thing about it.

Imag­ine expe­ri­enc­ing last­ing relief from pain. What would it be like for you to wake up each day, feel­ing healthy and pain free? Our straight­for­ward and prac­ti­cal chi­ro­prac­tic meth­ods can help you achieve these rewards. Walk-ins are always wel­come, or you can call us to sched­ule an appoint­ment 720–316‑2157.

A unique approach to your chi­ro­prac­tic care

Rather than sim­ply treat­ing your pain symp­toms, we’ll help you dis­cover the root cause of your pain. By elim­i­nat­ing the cause, your body can begin heal­ing, result­ing in con­tin­ual improve­ment and recovery.

Watch our video to learn more about our unique approach to your chi­ro­prac­tic care.

Dr. Alan Yoder, a Func­tional Chi­ro­prac­tor here at Col­orado Spine & Joint Cen­ter, explains our process. 

We do not pre­scribe exten­sive treat­ment plans like some chi­ro­prac­tors.

Your indi­vid­u­al­ized treat­ment plan includes a com­bi­na­tion of chi­ro­prac­tic adjust­ments, active release tech­nique (A.R.T.), reha­bil­i­ta­tive exer­cises, and anti-inflammatory nutri­tional advice. We’ll get you out of pain and then give you the nec­es­sary tools you need to keep the pain away, affordably.

New patients always receive a FREE chi­ro­prac­tic con­sul­ta­tion. Walk-ins are always wel­come, or you can call us to sched­ule an appoint­ment 720–316‑2157.

Our Chi­ro­prac­tic Ser­vices include the treat­ment of: 

local chiropractor

  • Low back pain problems
  • Chronic neck and back pain
  • Headaches / Migraines
  • Sports injuries and joint trauma
  • Car acci­dent prob­lems includ­ing whiplash
  • Work Related injuries includ­ing carpal tunnel
  • Head, neck and back injuries
  • Foot pain / Plan­tar fasciitis
  • Neck adjust­ments
  • And much more

Col­orado Spine & Joint Cen­ter is your local chi­ro­prac­tor, ded­i­cated to your quick pain relief.

Located in north Thorn­ton off I-25 and High­way 7 in the Larkridge Shop­ping Cen­ter, we’re close to Erie, Brighton, Lafayette, Broom­field and Westminster.

Call us to sched­ule a FREE chi­ro­prac­tic con­sul­ta­tion 720–316‑2157.
Dur­ing your visit, we’ll dis­cuss your pain symp­toms and develop your spe­cific treat­ment plan based on your chi­ro­prac­tic needs, thus enabling you to under­stand your con­di­tion and take an active role in liv­ing a pain-free lifestyle!

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